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Adventures in Baking… and “Value-Add”

I love food.  I love to grow it, cook it, share it and eat it.  Cooking to me is a very organic process and I prefer to prepare meals that allow me room to improvise. Baking on the other hand, is more chemistry, science, … Continue reading

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Gonna Get Your Goat

We met a couple of young homesteader wannabe’s near where we live earlier this year in connection with a local farm expo. A few months later, they acquired a couple of goats and it turns out the husband and the … Continue reading

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Cider in the Bottle

Back in October we went to our first cider pressing and came home with a gallon of fresh squeezed. If we would have had a carboy, a big 5 gallon glass bottle, we would have brought home 5 gallons easily. … Continue reading

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The Ham

After a long time doing nothing to the ham we arrived at the day to take it out of its bucket of cider, salt, and spices. Time to air cure. Traditional hams like this were made in England without smoking. … Continue reading

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