Something Smells a Little Fishy Around Here…

Organic, cold-processed liquid fish.  check.
Organic, cold-pressed neem oil.  check.
Organic, un-sulfured, blackstrap molasses. check.
Biodegradable soap.  check.
Liquid Kelp.  check.
Compost Tea.  check.

All the ingredients needed to whip up my first batch of brew ala Michael Philips “Four Holistic Sprays of Spring”, a healthy and non-toxic alternative to using chemicals (organically approved or not) to keep the bad bugs from eating my fruit trees, with the added bonus of providing the trees with a nutritional punch. When the backpack sprayer exploded in my face and the tank leaked all over my back – I knew it was going to be an unpleasant ride home.

As luck would have it, M too was soaked down with the odoriforous concoction while trying to help me unclog the sprayer, because “we stink together through thick and thin”.  Note to self – grind the kelp down to a fine powder or pick up some liquid kelp!

I mixed up 10 gallons and was able to get all of the fruit and nut trees except for the Marsol Chestnuts.  I ran out of time and energy.  Although it is only early spring, we had unusually high temps (70+ degrees) over this past weekend, and had spent most of the day before tilling an area to plant 450′ row feet of potatoes and tilling in between the nut trees so we can plant the rhubarb, rosemary, oregano, etc… plants I started from cuttings last fall there.

M worked on pumping more water from the little pond into our cistern – it’s at least 3/4 full at this point and he should be able to top it off next weekend.  The water feeding into the pond is slowing down to a trickle so looks like we are getting this done just in time.  I scored three 275 gallon IBC totes, two of which we have already hauled down to the farm.  M got one of them set up near the market garden nut trees and pumped it almost full from the spring just down the hill.  We will bring our friends water tote we borrowed back full this next weekend and transfer that to the kitchen garden tote.  The third tote may get set up over by the Marsol Chestnuts, but since we cleared a huge mound of canary grass out of there, it may not need watering.  We will get a fourth tote and use that to haul water back and forth for the trailer and for refilling the other totes once the spring runs dry.

Things are moving along.  We have the trees planted/mulched/sprayed, more of the storm damage to the woodlot cleaned up, a start on our winter firewood supply and the summer watering plan just about complete. Now it’s time to focus our efforts back on our pole building plans.  Hoping to get that up this year if at all possible.


About La Femme Farmer

Starting up a small farm is the goal for the second half of my life. It's a late start I know, but better late than NEVER! Growing food, cooking and eating are my passions and now I get to do it full-time (and then some). and yes, that's a tomato from my garden!
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