I Married a Boy Scout

M – he is my dream date come true.  Boy scout tossed in with some McGyver and a splashimg032 of nerd.  If anything needs fixing – he can figure out a way.  Need some improvising? No problem.  Nothing in the fridge for dinner – you obviously didn’t look close enough ’cause dinner’s on the table and it smells divine.  Camping in the woods and don’t want to squat?  A couple of logs, a camp shovel and some fresh evergreen branches for privacy – your are good to go.  Literally.

I run all of the errands since M has a horrendously long commute and no time to pickup bits, bobs and parts for his projects,  but oftentimes I have no clue what some of this stuff is so he always draws little diagrams for me (it helps that he is an artist and a designer).  The guys at the hardware store sure get a kick out of them!img033

I am one of those touchy feely types (not the hugging kind) – a kinesthetic learner – and I sometimes have a hard time visualizing how things are going to look.  M always has a moleskein handy (if not a napkin will do) and he whips up pictures for me – it is the coolest thing!  It’s an amazing skill and gets us both on the same page for the myriad projects we are planning together for the farm.



About La Femme Farmer

Starting up a small farm is the goal for the second half of my life. It's a late start I know, but better late than NEVER! Growing food, cooking and eating are my passions and now I get to do it full-time (and then some). and yes, that's a tomato from my garden!
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3 Responses to I Married a Boy Scout

  1. Michael Faoro says:

    Don’t forget…he is cute too 🙂

    • That he is! How could I not mention that? Tall, handsome, funny, makes a mean caramel macchiato and the best bacon I have ever had. He’s a keeper, so don’t get any ideas…

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