Potatoes in the Ground and a Late Night Visitor

Another weekend and another thing done. We spent this weekend getting potatoes in the ground, adding companion plants, organizing our shipping container, and being entertained by a late night guest.

The Univited Guest
L woke up in the middle of the night “what’s that???”  The local field mice have found a way into our camp trailer and usually leave little calling cards for us each weekend. I’ve plugged every hole I could find with steel wool and have set traps.  These country mice aren’t falling for the traps at all.  And now they are getting so bold they are visiting while we are there.  I jump up and flip on the lights.  Nothing.  Except mouse poop.  I can’t find anything so crawl back into bed.  Moments later he’s at it again.   I whip out the flashlight I stashed on the nightstand.  Again – nothing.

he looks a little drunk, doesn't he?
he looks a little drunk, doesn’t he?

A few more minutes pass but this time the noise is different.  It sounds like someone tapping on a bottle.  I jump up again, flashlight in hand and I can’t beleive what I see –  the little bugger has crawled into one of the beer bottles sitting on the counter!

You Say Potato
450 row feet of potatoes planted with 18 inch spacing, fingerlings at 12.  L had chitted these in our mud room ingeniously using a wire basket drawer system from my office. Chitting lets us put them in later, and in our climate later is dryer. Once again the pickup’s tailgate served as a mobile workbench. L cut taters into sections with three eyes apiece. I hoed and she planted, following with our lighter hoe to fill in. One hoe does not fit all. I didn’t see a need to water them in, but I wasn’t exactly hoping for more rain. We added some horseradish. In theory they help increase disease resistance, but they are also invasive. I like horseradish and the leaves can be used in salads too, so it seems worth the risk.

Magpie being sooper dooper helpful by warming the soil up for the potatoes

Magpie being sooper dooper helpful by warming the soil up for the potatoes

Use the Right Tool for the Right Job
Day two, I whipped up some hanging organizers in the shipping container to help make our whirlwind work weekends a little less chaotic. L planted pineapple sage, purple sage and rosemary plants she started from cuttings in between the fruit trees.  She also planted oregano and alpine strawberries in between the nut trees by the road along with the rosemary and rhubarb plants she planted last weekend.

Note to self – I need to get that girl an ATV for hauling stuff up and down the property as the little garden cart that tips over every bump in the field is giving her fits.  and when I say fits, I mean “knock down, drag out, throw your coat on the ground and stomp on it” fits.  It’s time…

About M. Agriculteur

Designer, motorcycle junkie, traveler, wanna-be iron butter (more butt than iron), builder, foodie, farmer wanna-be.
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