While doing our best to live with the wildlife it is still rattling to see our long term investment in fruit trees nibbled beyond recognition. In some ways it is our fault, our first swale and subsequently first row of trees starts in a deer path.  Had we spent a little more time observing the property before planting we may have noticed it.  We did pile up brush fences on the southern border to deter them and in some places it made a difference. We also liberally doused trees with Plantskydd with limited success. The new and somewhat noisy ram pump  is right where the deer come through the heaviest, and that and some mint might help too. I liberally “mark my territory” up there as well.

But now we have gotten out the big guns (not really, I am waiting for hunting season for that one).   Bone sauce is what I am talking about.

Following Sepp Holzer’s famous recipe, here is how it is supposed to work. Gather some bones. BBQ and cooked work best we are told, avoid raw and sun dried (no juice left in the dried). Magpie was happy to donate her ABC bones (“already been chewed”).

WP_20140322_008 P1010800

Cook them in a pair of cast iron dutch ovens sealing the lip with clay, the bones suspended in the top kettle using a piece of hardware cloth and a cup of water in the bottom.

WP_20140322_005 WP_20140322_004

The fire on top should roast the bones and steam from the water helps extract the nasty goo.


They smelled about as good as they looked. yuck

They smelled about as good as they look. Yuck.

Mix with linseed oil and some fine sand then paint it on your trees. I added some cayenne pepper for good measure.


We’ll see if it works. If not, it is time to fence.



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4 Responses to Deer-B-Gone

  1. bobraxton says:

    Oh deer

  2. Bill says:

    I’ve heard of (and tried) lots of things, but bone sauce is a new one on me. We kept wire cages around our young fruit trees until the cages were starting to interfere with the growth of the trees. So far we’ve been lucky that deer haven’t eaten them (maybe because they prefer eating the vegetables in my gardens instead). But we have lost a couple due to the bucks scraping their antlers on them. Very frustrating.

    Good luck.

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