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Getting to Mow You…

“…getting to mow all about you”. While the diesel engine rattling along our grassy hills was hardly the Sound of Music it was nice to be able to knock down the grass and continue building our pasture without having to … Continue reading

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Truck Unloader-ator

We picked up a new gadget at Harbor Freight the other day after a neighbor mentioned it. For the price, we figured it was worth a shot. Worked great for chips, a little less so with our long canary grass … Continue reading

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Does That Come in Blaze Orange?

Blue skies, 68 degrees, a beautiful day to weed whack around the fruit trees on the swale at the top of the hill. I was at the farm by myself  weekend before last as M needed to stay home to finish … Continue reading

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The Tractor Factor

We have been hemming and hawing about getting a tractor for over a year. There are projects galore we could use one on. Rototilling, digging ponds and swales and trenches for water and sewage lines, turning our massive compost piles, … Continue reading

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You Say Raised Bed and I say Hugelkultur

You say tomato and I say tomater. Sing along with me now… Since building the hugelkultur beds was somewhat of an unplanned event (we were trying to take advantage of having use of the trackhoe and skid steer), I didn’t … Continue reading

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