Keep Them Loggies Rolling


Another weekend and more fussing with giant logs. This chore is part of our resource accumulation for future projects. These logs are the raw materials for posts and beams in our future house. If we can keep them dry, remove the bark (a nutritious hiding place for agents of decay) and keep them covered we will have a useful stockpile of lumber and posts.


Now that we have a machine to move these big boys we want to get them under cover and debark them so they can dry rot free. It is far from a one person job even with the machine, chains need to get hooked up, and to operate the backhoe the hydraulics need to be swapped from the grapple. Most importantly someone needs to spot while 1500 lbs are being hoisted and moved. We would like to not damage our new barn or ourselves.


One of the biggest logs will need to be milled in place, I have a little chainsaw jig that will do the job, but it is petty tedious and time consuming.

We have four logs that we can’t put on the pile until this latest batch is peeled.  Unfortunately in their not-so-green condition it will take a bit longer.  At least we hauled them out of the field and placed them on stickers near the barn so we can easily maneuver them on top of the others later.  Now we can mow the field!


The tops will be used for fence posts and other small building projects.  Not sure where we are going to stash these in the meantime.  I suppose we could put them inside the barn since they are easier to maneuver than the big boys.


I can’t wait to start building a house, if only to get the shed back for more utilitarian uses.



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4 Responses to Keep Them Loggies Rolling

  1. Nature abhors a vacuum – I suspect that barn is going to fill up with even more useful odds and sods before you get your house built. That tractor looks like the 4WD version of a Swiss army knife… and I bet it’s just as useful.

    • Yes, our floor space is a premium now. We are trying to stack “up” and L is hunting for used pallet shelving like the kind in home depot. I see the value of skyscrapers vs. strip malls in using our “premium real estate”.

  2. Bill says:

    Good for you for making putting your resources to good use. When we cleared our pastures the logs became firewood or were burned in a brush pile. There were many things I’d do differently if we were doing it now. It seems that you’re being thoughtful and patient. Those traits were not characteristic of how I proceeded. 🙂

    • Dang Bill, I have never thought of myself as “patient” but I guess you are right. I’m the kind of guy who thinks, “I could use that thing for x,y, and z” and generally I do. Only a few things have sat for years. Trees especially have a special place in my heart. They take so long to grow I feel compelled to use them as wisely as possible.

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