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Small Flock Management

  The Flock Our chicken flock currently consists of twelve birds – one rooster and eleven hens. We started out with six each straight-run Buff Orpingtons and Barnevelders purchased from a local farm  about four years ago. We let one or two … Continue reading

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Have a Nice Day

I’m not being sarcastic. Humanity may have a little hope yet and good things are happening, small but meaningful gestures seem to be popping all around. Last night L mentioned that she went out of her way to give a … Continue reading

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Sausage Making – The Finer Points

We take sausage making pretty seriously at our place. This year we made our annual Christmas sausage, Mexican style chorizo, bangers, and a bunch of breakfast sausage. Some tips we have taken to heart follow. Keep it cold There is … Continue reading

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