Have a Nice Day

I’m not being sarcastic. Humanity may have a little hope yet and good things are happening, small but meaningful gestures seem to be popping all around.
Last night L mentioned that she went out of her way to give a hot mocha to the woman who sits in a little shack at our local garbage transfer station.

She sits in a 5×8 box at the dump all day and is cheerful, polite, and keeps a bag of dog treats on her own dime for canine passengers. Our dog Maggie loves to go to the dump.

She was delighted and L clearly enjoyed doing something for her, and we still don’t know her name.

This morning I was late for my bus and was enjoying a brisk jog when a guy pulled over and offered a ride. I took him up on it more as out of respect for the offer than to make it on time.

It turns out he had been driving the opposite direction and had turned around to make his offer. We had a delightful chat on the 3 mile drive to the ferry and I learned where he was from and shared my background. As I said goodbye there was a palpable sense of goodwill in the air between us and I hope the rest of his day will have the same sense of well being I am currently feeling.

Our true humanity seems best measured by the small stuff. So I wish you “Have a nice day” from the bottom of my heart.


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Designer, motorcycle junkie, traveler, wanna-be iron butter (more butt than iron), builder, foodie, farmer wanna-be.
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5 Responses to Have a Nice Day

  1. DM says:

    I had multiple small interactions today along the same vein. Started off dealing with a customer service rep yesterday from ZORO tools that is hands down the most awesome rep I have ever had to deal with. Assuming my situation gets resolved as it appears to be heading, I am going to send the company a thank you note. Then later this morning, I needed to find somewhere warm where I could re-package a 200 pound item/ and get it banded back onto the pallet. Local lumber yard to the rescue. I walked into the store managers office whom I know on a first name basis. He needed a break from behind the desk anyway, so he headed back to the shop with me and personally helped me get my package fixed and back into my truck, for a pick up by UPS. Finally, when the semi came to my place for the pick up, the driver was awesome in helping me get it lifted into the rear of the trailer. I had it in the back of my pick up, but was planning on sliding it up a home made ramp into his trailer. (normally you are supposed to have a loading dock for these kind of transfers, but this was a once in a lifetime situation/ and I was going to get it in there one way or the other 😉 Driver had an awesome/ not a big deal attitude..It wouldn’t have surprised me at all if the guy had said/ nope/ not going to do it. So that made my day. I love the story about the hot cocoa! Great post.

  2. To do nice things for people because they are the right thing to do, and not for any other reason – those actions are most definitely, as you suggest, marks of the best side of humanity. Some great stories here, from both you and DM. Thanks!

  3. Bill says:

    Thanks for this post. For every time we encounter or have to deal with a rude person, there are probably dozens of pleasant, friendly experiences. We remember rudeness because it is the exception, not the rule. It seems to me the world is filled with people who are kind, good-natured and good-hearted (even while peppered with way too many bitter and mean people–who weren’t born that way). Thanks for the reminder.

    I’m up early this morning because a friend who is moving is giving me an old chest freezer to use as a worm bin and I’m going to pick it up. I offered to pay him for it, and he refuses to take anything. Another friend is going to meet me there and help me load it. He won’t be charging me anything either. And I’ve done favors for them before too.

  4. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    What a great post! Thanks for sharing, you lit up my day!

  5. farmerkhaiti says:

    wonderfulness! give and get and it all keeps going round!

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