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James Bond’s Lessons in Fertilizer¬†

How can a bit of dated detective fiction aid a farmer? In Dr. No printed in 1958 Ian Fleming gives a brief history of the trade in fertilizer. Beginning in the guano trade in 1850 and ending with the advent … Continue reading

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It Will Only Take An Hour

We decided it was high time to focus on getting some sort of shelving in the barn as things were starting to pile up and we are hoping to begin construction on our farm prep area soon. Our permit was … Continue reading

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Blooms and Spring Foraging

Frequent walkabouts help us keep track of what is going on at the farm. Spring’s showy flowers are always a hit but also an easy way to identify natives and local residents. Each time we identify something new (to us) … Continue reading

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Pickled Eggs and Deer Mulch

Daylight. Sweet, sweet daylight. My mornings start pretty early and by the time I am ready to catch the bus to work at 5:00 AM the sky is just turning purple and maroon. I feel a physical relief with that little bit … Continue reading

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