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The Wrath of Grapes

We have a White Concord grapevine growing up our south facing deck at the house. The vines run along the metal cable railing. The raccoons have been raiding the grapes for the past couple of weeks which means we have … Continue reading

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Ditch, Water, Smoke

Just a quick update. We have finished backfilling 700 feet of ditch while carefully separating power conduit from phone line and have partially backfilled and compacted the section which will receive a portion of our septic line. I wonder what … Continue reading

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Good guys

On the long uphill climb of backfilling our power ditch and the subsequent unfilling after I remembered we still needed to run a phone line (someday I will dig a ditch only once) I pondered and was visited by a … Continue reading

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Faded Beauty

My hydrangeas were getting way too leggy and the blooms were so heavy I had to keep tying them up. We have several huge plantings of them around the house. It kept getting worse – branches were starting to break, blooms were dragging … Continue reading

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Ta Da!

I just finished refinishing and recovering my ottoman – yippee!  Ok, so not really farm related, but I was just so pleased I had to show someone (besides Harlie – obviously she likes it). I purchased the fabric last January and just … Continue reading

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