Lights are On

Oh my goodness what a journey.

Last night I rode my motorcycle down to the farm after work. Closing in on the farm was a cold, wet, piercing fog. It was so thick I wiped my visor every few seconds and I had to slow down to 25mph just to stay on the road and to dodge the deer.

The day had been filled with texts from L. “Electrician is coming.”  “No word from the PUD.”  Our friends helping us with the septic install were “worried about the rain ruining the open system.”  “Calls in to the septic designer – no response. ”

I wasn’t sure if I should make the 2 hour trip or not. In the end I went, straight from the office. It would be hilarious if I made the trip and no one showed up the next day.

I reached the farm a little after 10 pm, dripping with fog-dew and set up the trailer.

Up before sunrise I snapped this. It was a chilly night but a little coffee and an omelette with fresh greens perked me up. The messages from L. later said that the power company was on the way. Our electrician showed up soon after I finished breakfast.

By 11:30 the electrician had moved a palette of bricks outside the garage, core drilled through the concrete, cut a trench to meet with the existing one, and sleeved and mortared the new hole. I felt ashamed of myself for the private profanity storm I’d let loose with when I discovered the mistake. He did the right thing.

Sure it is a convoluted mess, but backfilling hides all mistakes.

Then the PUD pulled line down to the pole and down from the barn to connect it.

…but they buried the phone line close into the power line anyway… after I asked them not to. But I took a bunch of pictures, measured relative depth and know exactly where the problem, if there is one, is. If I have to I’ll go back in with a shovel and fix it. I have become an excellent re-digger.

While the guys hooked up our transformer. (Whose  annoying little hum will be the sound of us selling solar power one day) I busied myself with leveling some fill rocks in our roundabound. I also planted some surprises for L. She can tell you all about it in 6 months or so.

I then came back and flipped a switch.

This means we have power and water since the well uses an electric pump.

It also means we can get our septic inspected and the Labor and Industries inspector can come out and rubber stamp it. But I had to leave to get back to work. After playing phone tag until 9, the inspector said he wouldn’t be out until tomorrow. So L will have to go down for that one as we pass the baton of farm improvements on other people’s schedules between us.

But, we have light. Power tools can run. Now it is off to the races with construction.


About M. Agriculteur

Designer, motorcycle junkie, traveler, wanna-be iron butter (more butt than iron), builder, foodie, farmer wanna-be.
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2 Responses to Lights are On

  1. What a relief. Especially before winter sets in.

    • Yes, big relief. Savored! We are now in the season where we count every dry day and try to make something of it. The next few days look like a dry spell so backfilling can happen and L is running down to get a dormant spray on the fruit trees too.


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