Anniversaries and Check Lists

Same old at the farm. 

Combat the surface water. Check. We spread 1000 lbs of straw and hay on the septic field and eroding trenches paying the price for our late finish. I’ve dug one full swale with the tractor and another mini trench by hand along a silt fence we installed. These have both cut the water by probably 3/4 the flow. Fixing the erosion will need to wait until spring. Thank goodness for our A-frame level which makes quick work finding the right path for all that water.

Solar shower, drained and taken down for the winter. After three showerless days I missed it, but it was icing over and I really had no desire to do a “Polar Bear” anyway.

Plants winterized. All the potted plants that didn’t get in the ground are surrounded by wood chips and topped with straw. I have high hopes for the thorny, stinky, but flavorful Szechuan pepper plants. They may turn out to be deer barriers and a trip to Beijing made me a true “ma la” addict.

Posts delivered. We’ve been waiting for the delivery of 50 more posts for a fencing project. Paying more for untreated posts is another sad commentary on modern life. Brown rice costs more than white rice, whole wheat costs more than white flour, untreated 4x4s cost more than toxic infused posts. This is more work for us to treat them with our organic friendly stuff but worth it when we pay extra to be an organic farm… hey wait a second, it costs more to farm organically? What a backward world we live in.

Seventh anniversary celebrated. Check! Premixed martinis in a mason jar make a portable libation. Add ice to the shaker and a couple of olives and we were transformed from muddy agrarian laborers to a married couple again. I set up our “easy-up” where we had tea in the first years and where, someday, we will build our tea house. The view is pretty nice up there.


Lighting 50 tea candles takes a surprising amount of time too.

But she liked it. I found some pretty copper wind chimes and hoped she’d like those too, if not they might scare the deer off for a while.

We reminisced a bit sitting under a blanket and sipping cocktails and both agreed that the day we bought the farm was a high point on our mutual lists. 

We’ve both changed a bit in the nine years we’ve known each other. I have to admit I’ve enjoyed watching her inner homesteader slowly take over. My lady wears muck boots instead of high heels, can bank a fire to last all night, and  works in heat wet and cold. She still likes things to be pretty too, and I wanted to give her a taste of that up at the “tea house”.

I’ve changed too, and I am constantly amused at the juxtapositions. Drinking a perfect martini wearing a dirty  Carhartt is hilarious and somehow appropriate.



About M. Agriculteur

Designer, motorcycle junkie, traveler, wanna-be iron butter (more butt than iron), builder, foodie, farmer wanna-be.
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7 Responses to Anniversaries and Check Lists

  1. You’re going to have to explain A fram level one of these days…I feel like I’ve seen one in one of Bill Mollison’s books, but that was years ago, certainly never seen one in actual use.

    Love the tea house and candle lit path. Truly a labour of love, lighting all those candles. i bet she was impressed! Mason jar martinis – I thought at first you did the shaking and drinking out of the mason jar, but apparently not. I might try that though next time we have a beach picnic (that won’t be anytime soon, but maybe I’ll remember in the summer).

    So what are the changes in you that you’re willing to share? the M equivalent to “muck boots instead of high heels”, banking fires and working in all weather? Maybe L needs to answer that!

    • DM says:

      I want to know too! 🙂 (How you’ve changed) and those were my favorite lines from your post…” I’ve enjoyed watching her inner homesteader slowly take over. My lady wears muck boots instead of high heels, can bank a fire to last all night, and works in heat wet and cold.” Happy anniversary to the two of you M and L.

    • I’ll do an A-frame post just for you. I had the benefit of a key line class to explain it all. In unhindered runs finding contour I think it is as fast or maybe faster than a laser level!

  2. We probably should have served them in mason jars as the martini glasses didn’t fare the trip very well. At least they waited to break after the celebration. 😖
    As to changes in M – I wouldn’t necessarily say they are changes – it’s more like enhancement and expansion of his uncanny ability to pick up anything new and master it without hesitation or doubt. Where I can sometimes feel overwhelmed by the constant learning curve, he is undaunted and enjoys the challenge. Unless it is a muddy trench involving plumbing in the middle of winter… 😞
    He has definitely changed physically – there are quite a few more muscles than when we first met!

  3. Great post! Happy Anniversary!

  4. Jfraz says:

    Happy Anniversary to you both! It is so awesome to see how far it’s come!

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