After a full year of ditch wrangling we’ve finally closed up the last trench. This short run is a stub for our future home, it carries water, power, and telephone. 

It was chilly work. I had on thermals, jeans, a sweater, a vest, quilted overalls, and two pairs of socks. When I switched from conduit assembly to shoveling layers came off quickly. Those same layers make bathroom breaks a bit of a puzzle!

I backfilled in the waning light with an icy fog  creeping down the hill.  Between you and me, I compacted the last bit with a victory “ditch jig”.



About M. Agriculteur

Designer, motorcycle junkie, traveler, wanna-be iron butter (more butt than iron), builder, foodie, farmer wanna-be.
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11 Responses to Ditchery-Doo

  1. All those layers make a person rethink that second cup (or pot) of coffee 😉

  2. DM says:

    sweet! btw, do I see a light dusting of snow in the background?

    • Not snow, a hoarfrost that stuck around all day. T’was nippy by our measure. Probably downright balmy by yours!

      • DM says:

        I’m like you, I wear layers when I’m working…personally I love the uninsulated carhart bibs… and it can be a time consuming pain when nature calls. (especially when all of that coffee starts to work its way through my system)

  3. Yay!! Happy Ditch Digging Jig Day.
    Parts of my place have stayed frosty all week too. I hear it’s about to change though-but it can do that all it wants now your ditches are done.

  4. Bill says:

    Congrats amigo! And with a sense of satisfaction too I bet. Deserving of a nice martini or two. 🙂

  5. How soon are you guys moving?

  6. Just thought I would ask, since I can’t remember what the target date was…hope you’re not floating away. 9+ inches here since Sunday night!

    • I’m afraid to go down to the farm to see what all of this rain has done. M’s gone for a week and I’ve injured my back from lifting too many 6 x 6 x 10 cedar posts by myself, so we probably won’t know until later next week. Hope you are staying high and dry!

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