My Beautiful Organizatrix 

We made a few chalkboards. I’m not a fan of white boards since they stink, there’s a lot of plastic that goes in the trash, and they eventually become unerasable.

We hung them up, then I came home to this.

The scraps of molding I had laying around worked out well, and now meal planning seems quicker. We do a fair amount of planning nearly everything at the dinner table.

Food and love are deeply intertwined here. That list… Yeah it’s fuel… But it’s a lot of love too.

About M. Agriculteur

Designer, motorcycle junkie, traveler, wanna-be iron butter (more butt than iron), builder, foodie, farmer wanna-be.
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5 Responses to My Beautiful Organizatrix 

  1. Form AND function. I’m with you on white boards – try being left handed with these. I have to hold the pen like a chinese paint brush and it definitely affects my already questionable legibility.
    Looks like you’ve run out of crab cakes, and it’s only January. Not good.

    “organiztrix” – great word.

    • I know what you mean being a lefty myself.
      A friend that lives on the water dropped off a bunch of crab last summer along with several dozen oysters. I spent a day cracking crab, shucking oysters, making crab cakes and pan frying oysters for the freezer. We had the last of the crab cakes the other night when M took that pic 😊

  2. So organized! I’m a tad wistful, because my steel trap mind is turning into tin foil, so my photographic memory of everything is suffering a bit. I don’t think I could bring myself to do an inventory like that though…what’s in my freezer is in my freezer.

    • Our freezer is in the basement and quickly becomes out of sight/out of mind so I had to keep a list so as not to waste that expensive pastured pork and grass fed beef… plus Santa gave us a foodsaver so the big batches of hummus, braunschweiger, bacon and sausage the two of us would take forever to eat can linger a little longer without giving us “the gout” 😜
      The little scratched up notes lying about the kitchen were becoming unmanageable so the chalkboard is a “good thing” and also makes meal planning a whole lot easier.

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