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Say Goodnight Gracie

Another lesson learned the hard way – you need to test the electronet fencing often. Although I was checking the fence line on a periodic basis for debris buildup (the coop is in a heavily wooded area and the girls like to kick … Continue reading

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The Chicken Food Forest

As part of our Grand Plan permaculture design, each function of the farm will be as close to a self-sustaining system as we can reasonably muster, and this includes our laying flock. We want to create a chicken-centric woodland filled with foods they love. … Continue reading

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Therapeutic Cedar Rails

Not long ago we had to take down a big cedar in our yard. It had heart rot and had begun to split in two. Since it was a dangerous tree we had a professional take it down in 12 foot … Continue reading

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Small Flock Management

  The Flock Our chicken flock currently consists of twelve birds – one rooster and eleven hens. We started out with six each straight-run Buff Orpingtons and Barnevelders purchased from a local farm  about four years ago. We let one or two … Continue reading

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Getting Started

Despite the 10 – 20 degrees below our normal temps around here and the recent snow, I’m itching to get things growing. With the running back and forth between the two properties, I can’t focus too much effort in the … Continue reading

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A Life of Poo

It may seem strange, (ok it IS strange) to blog about poo, but keep in mind this is a chronicle of our journey to the farm and I feel compelled to record every detail so we can look back someday and have a good … Continue reading

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We are probably above average in this category but we work pretty hard at it.  At home it means I only have to take one can of actual garbage and two cans of recyclables to the dump every two months.  At the … Continue reading

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