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House Bound

I hurt my back lifting heavy fence posts the first weekend in December and was in pretty excruciating pain for a while. Unfortunately M had just left for Kansas for a week to attend his step-father’s funeral and to help … Continue reading

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The Wrath of Grapes

We have a White Concord grapevine growing up our south facing deck at the house. The vines run along the metal cable railing. The raccoons have been raiding the grapes for the past couple of weeks which means we have … Continue reading

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Sausage Making – The Finer Points

We take sausage making pretty seriously at our place. This year we made our annual Christmas sausage, Mexican style chorizo, bangers, and a bunch of breakfast sausage. Some tips we have taken to heart follow. Keep it cold There is … Continue reading

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Cheeky Little Pig

Pork cheeks have a special place for us as a wonderful food memory and because they are so very, very tasty. Some Context on Why We Love Them So Long before we married, and before we ever considered farming, or … Continue reading

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Ham and Bacon – Smoke ‘Em If Ya Got ‘Em

It is that time of year again where we find ourselves elbow deep in porky goodness. This year we have half a Tamworth hog, and so far the chops and sausage have been delectable.¬†As usual we asked for the offal … Continue reading

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Christmas Ham and More

The long anticipated ham was rinsed, boiled, and baked. Oh… My… Gosh… …and served with our cider, and creamy scalloped potatoes from our garden. Simply heavenly. Ok, I’ll stop gushing. Prepping the ham was involved. Three changes of water were … Continue reading

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Cider in the Bottle

Back in October we went to our first cider pressing and came home with a gallon of fresh squeezed. If we would have had a carboy, a big 5 gallon glass bottle, we would have brought home 5 gallons easily. … Continue reading

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