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The Cistern Garden

Remember the old grain bin we upcycled as an underground cistern? We haven’t done much with it yet but we do have plans to make it an attractive water feature in addition to storing 6000 gallons of barn roof runoff … Continue reading

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Pickled Eggs and Deer Mulch

Daylight. Sweet, sweet daylight. My mornings start pretty early and by the time I am ready to catch the bus to work at 5:00 AM the sky is just turning purple and maroon. I feel a physical relief with that little bit … Continue reading

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Small Flock Management

  The Flock Our chicken flock currently consists of twelve birds – one rooster and eleven hens. We started out with six each straight-run Buff Orpingtons and Barnevelders purchased from a local farm  about four years ago. We let one or two … Continue reading

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You Say Raised Bed and I say Hugelkultur

You say tomato and I say tomater. Sing along with me now… Since building the hugelkultur beds was somewhat of an unplanned event (we were trying to take advantage of having use of the trackhoe and skid steer), I didn’t … Continue reading

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Sowing the Seeds of Friendship (and cover crops)

We spent a weekend seeding the slopes of the curtain drain, ditch and most of the building site.  I picked up 60 lbs of an erosion control mix with perennial and annual rye, creeping red fescue, white clover and bent grass.  On … Continue reading

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Things I learned during my summer vacation

I feel like I should be in a confessional…”forgive me Father for I have sinned.  It’s been five months since my last post…”  It being summer and all the extra work that entails, plus the 14 hour days that compel you to do … Continue reading

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Potatoes in the Ground and a Late Night Visitor

Another weekend and another thing done. We spent this weekend getting potatoes in the ground, adding companion plants, organizing our shipping container, and being entertained by a late night guest. The Univited Guest L woke up in the middle of … Continue reading

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