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Sustainable Pets?

We have two house cats and one dog. Some of you may have already met Magpie our dog, but the cats have yet to make an appearance – mainly because they have never been to the farm.     Both are … Continue reading

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Small Flock Management

  The Flock Our chicken flock currently consists of twelve birds – one rooster and eleven hens. We started out with six each straight-run Buff Orpingtons and Barnevelders purchased from a local farm  about four years ago. We let one or two … Continue reading

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Build It and They Will Come

We have put in two small ponds of the eight planned. The first one is located at the top of the property. It was a small, seasonal pond M dug by hand summer before last. We used it to pump … Continue reading

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Meet Magpie

St. Patrick’s Day two years ago marks the day we picked Magpie up from her foster home. The rescue organization that found her living in a car named her Maggie.  We renamed her Magpie (although we still call her Maggie a lot of the time). She was … Continue reading

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Things I learned during my summer vacation

I feel like I should be in a confessional…”forgive me Father for I have sinned.  It’s been five months since my last post…”  It being summer and all the extra work that entails, plus the 14 hour days that compel you to do … Continue reading

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A New Year’s Eve One Dog Night

In came the new year and it found us on the farm. We wanted to be in the place we want to be, so we packed up the truck and headed down to our “Farm in Progress”. By the time … Continue reading

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