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Planting Out the Cistern Garden

I started this post back in March after we planted out about 200 fruit and nut trees, berries and perennial vegetables but time got away from me. Here it is July already and I’m just getting around to finishing it … Continue reading

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We share the farm with a hefty community. Mice share our little trailer in the cooler months. Bunnies have shared our “invasive” black locust seedlings to the ground. Deer share our apple tree new growth if we don’t discourage it, … Continue reading

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Long Range Thinking

While planting Korean nut pines I began to think about the long term perspective our project requires. These trees might be productive in ten years. By then we’ll know if we should invest in more trees or mechanical shelling hardware. … Continue reading

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Time to Go to Bed

It has been a while since working on at the farm felt like an act of actual farming. Now that we have a fenced area and easy access to water we wanted to get it into production as quickly as … Continue reading

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Sometimes it is better to hire out some projects to get forward motion. Trading dollars for time is something I always have trouble with. I could do this!  L is always pointing out, while I am not doing this something else is … Continue reading

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Planning Days

After a crazy week and finalizing inspections it is time to circle back on lists and to-dos. While I am raring to get started on building the farm prep area out in the barn there are a multitude of little … Continue reading

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The Cistern Garden

Remember the old grain bin we upcycled as an underground cistern? We haven’t done much with it yet but we do have plans to make it an attractive water feature in addition to storing 6000 gallons of barn roof runoff … Continue reading

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