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Forest management. Seeing the trees and the forest is a skill for sure. Zooming in and out not only on what is in front of you but also what is now and what it will become in 20 and 30 … Continue reading

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Long Range Thinking

While planting Korean nut pines I began to think about the long term perspective our project requires. These trees might be productive in ten years. By then we’ll know if we should invest in more trees or mechanical shelling hardware. … Continue reading

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Time to Go to Bed

It has been a while since working on at the farm felt like an act of actual farming. Now that we have a fenced area and easy access to water we wanted to get it into production as quickly as … Continue reading

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House Bound

I hurt my back lifting heavy fence posts the first weekend in December and was in pretty excruciating pain for a while. Unfortunately M had just left for Kansas for a week to attend his step-father’s funeral and to help … Continue reading

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We took the weekend to scout locations for kiwi and to complete some fence details for our crew. After the logistics were complete we set to work chipping and preparing our timber chestnut plot for enclosure and mulching to slow … Continue reading

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My Beautiful Organizatrix 

We made a few chalkboards. I’m not a fan of white boards since they stink, there’s a lot of plastic that goes in the trash, and they eventually become unerasable. We hung them up, then I came home to this. … Continue reading

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Good guys

On the long uphill climb of backfilling our power ditch and the subsequent unfilling after I remembered we still needed to run a phone line (someday I will dig a ditch only once) I pondered and was visited by a … Continue reading

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