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Therapeutic Cedar Rails

Not long ago we had to take down a big cedar in our yard. It had heart rot and had begun to split in two. Since it was a dangerous tree we had a professional take it down in 12 foot … Continue reading

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A Very Farmy Christmas

I love Christmas. The tree, the lights, cookies, and a little sanctioned over-indulgence. A dose of egg nog with a kick always makes it feel festive too. This year gift giving was practical and especially farm oriented. The thing is, … Continue reading

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Reflecting on Sisyphus

Remember Sisyphus, that particularly nasty king of Corinth doomed to roll a boulder to the top of a hill for eternity in Hades? Each time he got close to the top the boulder would roll to the bottom and he … Continue reading

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Truck Unloader-ator

We picked up a new gadget at Harbor Freight the other day after a neighbor mentioned it. For the price, we figured it was worth a shot. Worked great for chips, a little less so with our long canary grass … Continue reading

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