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Doing and doing

Just a quick update, lots of projects in the air and as usual L keeps us on track. Gate:  hung and nearly finished. Need to permanently attach the lintel, and hang the glass leaves on the tree. Irrigation: mostly installed … Continue reading

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Marion Nestle’s “The Farm Bill Drove Me Insane”

Just sharing this in case you haven’t stumbled across it yet.   I know it’s like “preaching to the choir” posting here but still think it’s well worth sharing. The farm bill drove me insane America’s top nutrition thinker tried to unpack … Continue reading

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After a full year of ditch wrangling we’ve finally closed up the last trench. This short run is a stub for our future home, it carries water, power, and telephone.  It was chilly work. I had on thermals, jeans, a … Continue reading

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The Septic System – Completed

Our friend J came out last Monday to install the drain field baffles and then backfill everything. I assumed all went well and picked up some seed on my way down Tuesday thinking I could get it spread on all … Continue reading

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Ta Da!

I just finished refinishing and recovering my ottoman – yippee!  Ok, so not really farm related, but I was just so pleased I had to show someone (besides Harlie – obviously she likes it). I purchased the fabric last January and just … Continue reading

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Pickled Eggs and Deer Mulch

Daylight. Sweet, sweet daylight. My mornings start pretty early and by the time I am ready to catch the bus to work at 5:00 AM the sky is just turning purple and maroon. I feel a physical relief with that little bit … Continue reading

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So many trees, so many deer. L and I have been going around and around trying to figure out a fencing plan. Tired of losing trees and the prospect of putting more in is beginning to weigh on us.  So … Continue reading

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